Ikea Dresser DIY


See how I upgraded my Ikea dresser with 1 simple addition!  

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.01.02 PMWhen I bought the Malm dresser from Ikea I immediately started thinking about all the DIY possibilities. Without any modifications, the dresser is pretty boring, and in my opinion, impractical: it’s hard to open the drawers sans handles.  

I scoured tons of blogs for Ikea Malm Dresser DIYs (there are so many!), and decided I wanted to put a handle in the center of each drawer and add trim along the perimeter of each one, like this. But after purchasing and painting the strips of wood, I couldn’t get the color and texture to match the veneer of the dresser, so I abandoned that plan for something simpler. After a lengthy deliberation in the Cabinet Hardware aisle of Home Depot,  I chose these pulls, and I love them. They look great against the white dresser and are the perfect size and shape.

First I had to measure out where the handles would be placed on each drawer. I marked the spots with painters tape, and left the tape on when I drilled the holes because it helps minimize any surface damage around the drill site. Honestly this was the most time-consuming part of the whole project because you know what they say, “measure twice and [drill] once.”


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