Tissue Paper Tassels

When I fall in love with a craft project, material or DIY idea, I tend to get seriously hooked. This summer I got hooked on making tissue paper tassels.ย 

The great thing about these crafting phases is that, through a LOT of trial and error, I am able to figure out and execute the techniques and methods that work the best for whatever it is I am making.ย This happened over the summer when I took an interest in tassel garlands made out of tissue paper.ย Browsing Studio Mucci and seeing the endless rows of tassels in every color imaginable is probably what piqued my interest in exploring the possibilities of tissue paper. What I love about these tassel garlands is that they have a definite youthful and celebratory vibe that stops just short of being too childish or tacky. They are fun, whimsical and, best of all, they do not require costly materials to make.

And so began my healthy obsession with tissue paper. Over the course of last summer, I made everything from tassels to big poufy flowers to layers and layers of delicate fringe out of tissue paper. Since then, I have given some tassel garlands as gifts to friends and family, while the rest of my tissue paper creations are sitting at home until I decide what, if anything, to do with them!

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