Fringed Banner

Make this fun, fringe-covered swallowtail pennant banner to add a little pep to any space. For this project you need chipboard pennants (I got mine at Michael’s), tissue paper, glue, string, and lots of patience (this will come in handy when you are cutting the fringe and glueing to the chipboard).

To make the fringe, cut about 10 strips (a good starting point but you will need to make more to cover all the pennants) of tissue paper, each about 2 inches in height. They can be as long as you want and cut them later, or you can measure the width of the pennants and cut each strip to that length.  Layer a few strips on top of one another, then use your scissors to cut the fringe. Remember to leave a few centimeters intact at the top of the strip–this is where you will glue the fringe to the chipboard.

After all your fringe is cut, begin gluing those strips of fringe to the chipboard. It is easiest to start gluing the strips down at the base of the pennant and work your way up to the top, layer-by-layer, so as not to get any of the fringe caught in the glue of the next layer above it. When all the fringe is glued on, simply hang the pennants across your string and it is ready to hang!

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