Valentine’s Day Gift Boxes

Preparing to lavish your loved ones in gifts this Valentine’s Day? Grab a heart shaped box and get decorating. I happened to have three plain heart shaped boxes, so I decided to decorate each one differently to play around with various crafty “toppings” including glitter, ribbon, paint and polymer clay hearts. 

Figure out what you want to use to decorate the boxes and gather all your materials together. 


First I applied some gold leaf in the middle. I used a glue gun to draw a heart around the gold leaf, and sprinkled pink glitter on the outline. The glue gun is nice because it creates thick lines of glue that create dimension, unlike thinner Elmer’s glue. Then I covered the rest of the lid in red glitter. 

I couldn’t resist going a little crazy with the glitter on this one.  I guess old habits die hard. (I love glitter. Unfortunately the older I get the less acceptable it is to routinely find bits of glitter around my room and/or car, hair…anywhere.)gold leaf and glitter box, final

For the second one, I used plain white ribbon and some glittery magenta ribbon I had leftover. While a touch more understated than the first one, it’s still a little glitzy, what with the glittery ribbon and all.

Ribbon Box

I painted the final box light pink, with a band of red on the sides of the lid for some contrast.  After the paint dried, I glued on 4 mini hearts made of sculpey. Definitely the most restrained of the bunch.


Now all I need is some chocolate and candy hearts to fill these bad boys!

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