Make a watercolored pennant banner for Valentine’s Day, or customize it by writing any word or message you’d like on the pennants. Here’s a guide to show you how I made my LOVE banner for Valentine’s Day.

Materials: paper (the heaver/thicker, the better), watercolor paints, paintbrushes, scissors, ruler, gold paint pen, string. IMG_7666.jpg

Paint background. Paint a red wash for the background. watercolor wash2Add rows of hearts (or other pattern). I painted rows of hearts, alternating between Martha Stewart pearl “fruit punch” paint and neon pink craft paint. It’s easier to paint smaller outlines if you thin down the paint with some water. 

Cut out pennants. Since my paper was 12 x 9 inches, I cut rectangles 4 x 3 inches then cut out a little triangle at the bottom (I just learned that this particular shape of pennant is known as “Swallowtail”!). I drew the lines on the back of the paper because I didn’t want pencil marks on the front.

String together the pennants. I marked little dots on the back side of the paper, .25 inches down and .25 inches in from the side, so my stitches would be consistent throughout all the pennants. Then I used a sewing needle to thread the string through the paper and “sew” together the pennants. 

Use gold paint pent to write your message, 1 letter per pennant. I traced the letters L O V E on the pennants in pencil first because I am not 100% confident in my calligraphic skills, then I went over the pencil with my gold pen. I added hearts on the first and last pennants for a nice extra kick of metallic. And now it is ready to hang! 

See the quick overview here:

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