Color Pop Cupcakes

Looking for a sweet treat this Valentine’s Day? Try making these marbled, color pop cupcakes: every bite reveals a colorful surprise!


Grab a box of cake mix and prepare the batter as directed.

Cupcake mix
I used Betty Crocker “super moist white cake” mix
Cupcake batter
Pour equal amounts of batter into 4 separate bowls.
Use pink, purple and red food coloring to dye each portion of batter a different color.

Fill each cupcake mold with batter by layering different colors on top of one another. Don’t worry about making the layers the same thickness — the random patterns look cool!



Make these cupcake toppers and stick them on top for an added flair!


Time for the fun part.

↓   Look inside!!   ↓

IMG_9286 IMG_9325 DSC_0108 grid3 grid4

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