Valentine’s Day Gift Tags

A step-by-step guide to make heat embossed Valentine’s Day gift tags. 

Cut out gift tags.

Create a template (that’s what the black thing is in the pictures) in the shape you want your gift tags — mine are 2½ wide by 4½ inches tall. Trace around the template on a piece of chipboard then cut out the gift tags. Draw a little circle at the top where you will punch a hole through the board to tie the string.

Stamp on designs and apply gold embossing powder.

Use the watermark ink pad to impress stamp image on tag; sprinkle embossing powder over the transparent design, then shake the excess powder off the design and pour back in the jar to reuse. 

Emboss with the heat gun.

Melt the powder with the heat gun and watch the design turn metallic – MAGIC!  Create different patterns on the tags with your stamps. I planned out 3 designs and created 2 tags of each one. 

Cut out hearts from colored card stock and glue them to the tags in your desired formation. 

Cut pieces of string to attach at the tops of the tags. 

Finished! Add the tag to your Valentine’s gift. 

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