Embroidery Thread Vase DIY

This is a project that uses embroidery thread (a crafting classic) in an unconventional way to create a color blocked vase to hold those newly blooming spring flowers.ย 


  • Vase with straight sides
  • Embroidery thread
  • Double sided tape


Stick a small piece of double sided tape where you want to begin wrapping the thread. The tape is helpful because it prevents the thread from sliding around as you start wrapping it around the vase.

When it’s time to switch colors, tie the beginning of the next section of thread to the end of the previous one, and continue wrapping. Cut off the tails of the knot and you won’t even notice it.thread_progress

Don’t worry if there are uneven spaces between each new layer–when you’re done with that color, you can scrunch the thread down to make sure each ring lays flat above the previous one, creating a seamless cover over the glass.

Apply another small piece of tape at the top and secure the end of your piece of string, and you’re done! See how it turned out:

1-1. threadOne of the great things about this craft is since there is no glue involved, you can easily switch up the colors or take off the string entirely without hesitation or any damage to the vase!

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