Side Table Makeover

When I moved into my first apartment, I was SO, so excited that I would be able to furnish and decorate it, however I wanted, from scratch. Obviously I had in my mind my vision of what the perfect space would look like: clean and simple furnishings filling a bright, airy interior with pops of color to bring it all together. Making this vision a reality proved not to be a simple feat, as beautiful, high-quality furniture is expensive and I didn’t want to live in a space without necessities like a dresser or couch as I perused both the internet and brick and mortar stores looking for the perfect pieces. So what’s a girl with a limited budget and a knack for DIY projects to do? Well, this girl found some pieces at places like discount furniture stores and Goodwill, and did some DIY’ing (this Ikea dresser hack, for example).

Cheap furniture is ideal for DIY experimentation because I feel less nervous about potentially “messing up” than if I were making modifications to a high-end piece. So, without further adiou, here’s how I dressed up a side table–which I found at a discount furniture store in Santa Monica–in 2 steps.

*side table-before
BEFORE. Not bad at all, I just wanted something a little different.

For starters, I spray painted the whole thing black (it was originally dark brown). I like the black because I think it makes the table look a little more ‘streamlined’ in my space and gives it just a cleaner, more modern overall look.

*side table, spray painting

To finish it off, I added decorative gold corner braces to the legs; since the tabletop extends beyond the legs a few centimeters, this golden touch remains somewhat subtle, which I like.


*brace details

*side table-after

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