Painted Coolers

I painted these coolers last year, during my senior year of college. In the event of a fraternity formal, painting a customized cooler for your date is a fun tradition in Greek life that, while rarely seen in my home state of California, gets to be a pretty big deal in other regions of the country.

So as someone who loves all forms of arts and crafts, I decided to try it out. I painted one cooler for myself–on which I couldn’t resist making the central motif my own monogram–and another for a guy whose name is also pretty clearly displayed on the cooler’s sides.

Before I started painting, I sanded the sides of the coolers and applied a primer that creates a nice blank white surface to paint and because it makes the paint stick better. Then I traced on all the designs, and got to work painting every last detail. 

My first (mini) cooler


Behind the scenes
a peak at my workspace for this one

Cooler #2

Side 1: Vineyard Vines collage and name


Side 2: ‘Fratagonia’ logo with a Vineyard Vines whale.


Side 3: a hybrid beer-pong-player-MLB-logo, and a modified Heineken logo beneath it (remember, this is for a boy in his early twenties, so that explains the beer-centric theme here).


Side 4: Greek letters ΣΑΕ (Henry’s fraternity) with a phoenix, their symbol.  


The sides of the color:


IMG_7764 (1)


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