Crafting Lately: Tissue Paper Flowers

Lately I have fallen in love with making tissue and crepe paper flowers. In the past I had always written off paper and fabric flowers as typically somewhat tacky tabletop accessories, but my opinion toward faux blooms completely changed when I was introduced to the work of artist and stylist Livia Cetti. I got her book for Hanukkah, in which she outlines her techniques for creating different types of blooms, and ever since then, my floors have consistently been covered in a layer of tissue paper cuttings (just kidding–I vacuum and sweep daily…). I have loved going through her book and practicing her techniques, and doing so has led me to develop techniques of my own, which is even more fun for me! Slowly but surely, any open space in my apartment is being filled with these new creations. 

As I got more comfortable crafting the flowers, I became interested in making them as true-to-life as possible; and in order to create flowers that looked like the real thing, I had to study the real thing! So alongside my interest in paper flowers bloomed an interest in real flowers. I’ve been taking any chance I can to look closely at flowers and examine them, picking them apart to better understand their shapes and structure. I visited the Los Angeles flower mart, which was AMAZING. So many gorgeous, bright colors–I could not get enough…the trip definitely provided lots of #inspiration for future creations.

Click here to go to the post where I break down the steps for creating the peony branch below!


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