Paper Flowers: Purple Peony

Here is the outline for how I put together this purple peony branch, complete with a blooming flower and a lil bud!

Before I get into the step-by-step, below are some photos I referenced and used as inspiration as I was making this flower! The first two are snaps from the LA flower mart and the second two are from previous events/work.


To give the light purple tissue paper an organic appearance, I brushed on a mixture of water and bleach, then baked the wet paper in the oven to dry it out. The outcome of this process can be seen in the photo below (the white stripes on the petals).

For the petals I created three different templates, then cut about 20 petals in each size.
For the flower center I used orange tissue paper, which I also bleached to add some color variation. 


Begin with the smallest petals, layering them in groups of 3 around the center using stretchy green floral tape

Continue with the medium-sized petals; when adding each new group of petals, overlap the existing bunch slightly to keep the petals from looking too ‘organized’ 

Then the largest petals; I added a few layers of the largest petals since peonies are known for their large, abundant blooms

After adding all the petals, I curled the outer layers of petals with a pair of scissors (think of how you curl ribbon when wrapping a gift — by gently gliding the edge of the blade up along the back side of the paper); I did this because I think it helped make the flower look more organic and less frozen

Using some of the extra small-sized petals, I made a bud to add to the branch 

Finally, cut out leaves (I used green paper which I had also dyed with bleach!) and glue them to wire so you can add them to the branch

Assemble all the components–the bloom, the bud, and a few branches of leaves, to complete the branch:





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