Thrift Store Jewelry Box Makeover

Despite its unfortunate current condition, the charming shape of this jewelry box caught my eye while browsing at an Out of the Closet thrift shop. I liked the shape and thought the bones of the box were good, so I decided to work some DIY magic to transform it into something I am now happy to display on my shelf. I love projects like these, where you take a rundown or badly decorated everyday piece of furniture or accessory–like a jewelry box, or a vase or side table–and give it a new life by making a few fundamental, but simple, upgrades. It doesn’t take a lot of resources to make something look brand new and lovely.


I had a piece of blue and white patterned fabric that I wanted to make the “hero” of the piece and use it to re-cover the top of the lid, so I chose a shade of blue paint and a fabric in a solid blue for the interior lining of the box that both coordinated with the hero fabric.

I planned to use the box for storing odds and ends on my bedside table rather than jewelry, so I removed the interior compartments and the second shelf entirely as they didn’t suit that purpose. After removing all the fabric from the inside and top, I sanded the whole thing down in preparation for painting.

After painting the outside, I lined the interior of the box with the solid blue fabric (even adding a small self-welt along the edges on the bottom!) and re-covered the top section within the lid’s frame with the patterned fabric, using a glue gun to accomplish both these steps.

Now that everything was painted and re-covered, I re-attached the lid to the base of the box and the project was complete. I can happily say that the finished product looks nothing like the original!





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