Paper Flower Garland

Putting together festive garlands is one of my favorite ways to incorporate paper flowers into a decorative scheme or party décor. Flowers will always look great in a vase, but draping them in a festoon across a mantel or down the center of a long table looks particularly lovely.

This garland is composed of white and various shades of blue paper flowers with greenery to create more volume. While not as realistic as a pink-coral-rose color scheme, I love the unexpected, fresh punch delivered by the bright blue and navy hues. Here’s the breakdown.

Gather flowers. I used white, light blue, navy and bright aqua—the white and light blue flowers are made from crepe paper, while the others are tissue paper. I love how using both types of paper creates a mixture of textures in the final product. Green crepe works well for the leaves because it’s more durable than tissue paper. 

Figure out how you want the flowers arranged, then lay them out in preparation for assembly.

Grab a long piece of wire (about 14 inches)—this will serve as the base for the garland and you will attach the greenery and blooms to it using floral tape. Start with greenery, securing with floral tape, then add one flower at a time, until you reach the end of the wire. It’s easiest to work in smaller sections, then attach them at the ends when all sections are complete.

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