DIY Tassel Cocktail Napkins

I love how tassels add a touch of playfulness and a dash of color to otherwise plain, utilitarian things around the house, including cocktail napkins. This DIY project is only 2 steps and only requires 3 things: cocktail napkins, embroidery thread (for the tassels), and a needle (for sewing tassels onto napkins). By simply sewing tassels to the 4 corners of a basic cocktail napkin, these oft-overlooked party necessities become festive and memorable. 

Step 1: Assemble Tassels 
Assemble the tassels in your favorite colors of embroidery thread (I love the idea of using red and blue thread to make patriotic napkins perfect for Independence Day celebrations).

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Step 2: Sew Tassels on Napkins Corners
Sew the tassels on to each of the four corners of the napkins. No fancy sewing techniques necessary – I simply looped the needle and thread through the tassel “head” and on through the corner edge of the napkin a few times and it’s very secure.

That’s it! A simple, cheap and festive DIY.

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