Thrift Store Jewelry Box Makeover

Thrift Store Jewelry Box Makeover

Despite its unfortunate current condition, the charming shape of this jewelry box caught my eye while browsing at an Out of the Closet thrift shop. I liked the shape and thought the bones of the box were good, so I decided to work some DIY magic to transform it into something I am now happy to display on my shelf. I love projects like these, where you take a rundown or badly decorated everyday piece of furniture or accessory–like a jewelry box, or a vase or side table–and give it a new life by making a few fundamental, but simple, upgrades. It doesn’t take a lot of resources to make something look brand new and lovely. Continue reading “Thrift Store Jewelry Box Makeover”

Floral Letter Tray DIY

To spruce up an old letter tray, I covered it with pictures of brightly colors flowers of all kinds, which I cut out from a flower bulb catalogue. I used mod podge to glue the images onto the paper surface of the tray–truly a 2-step DIY! Just cut your images, and stick em on!