Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorating

Valentine’s Day Cookie Decorating

For me, holidays like Valentine’s Day are the most fun to prepare for because they give me an excuse to make corny, heart-filled crafts and bake delicious treats. I also love that the prevailing color scheme of the occasion includes all shades of reds and pinks. With this in mind, I made heart-shaped cookies and went all out with the thematic decorations.

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Floral Letter Tray DIY

To spruce up an old letter tray, I covered it with pictures of brightly colors flowers of all kinds, which I cut out from a flower bulb catalogue. I used mod podge to glue the images onto the paper surface of the tray–truly a 2-step DIY! Just cut your images, and stick em on!




A Handmade Book for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day coming up next month, I am sharing my mom’s gift from last year. Putting this letterpress printed book together was a multi-step, somewhat improvised endeavor and I loved every minute of it. There is no one who deserves all the effort that went into putting this together more than my mom!

After printing the text on a Vandercook press, I painted the pages with watercolors. I used a modified accordion style binding and finished it off with a hard cover (made of extra thick chip board) covered in beautiful Japanese paper. I covered the spine of the book in Japanese paper that I added a tie-dye effect to, the colors of which match the coloring on the interior pages.

Here are some of the interior pages. Click on the images to enlarge them. 

Now we’re on to this year’s gift…!

sorry, Mom, no spoilers here 😉

#TBT – Painted Coolers

#TBT – Painted Coolers

In honor of it being Thursday, I’m sharing a throwback craft. I painted these coolers last year, during my senior year of college. In the event of a fraternity formal, painting a customized cooler for your date is a fun tradition in Greek life that, while rarely seen in my home state of California, gets to be a pretty big deal in other regions of the country.

So as someone who loves all forms of arts and crafts, I decided to try it out. I painted one cooler for myself–on which I couldn’t resist making the central motif my own monogram–and another for a guy whose name is also pretty clearly displayed on the cooler’s sides.

Before I started painting, I sanded the sides of the coolers and applied a primer that creates a nice blank white surface to paint and because it makes the paint stick better. Then I traced on all the designs, and got to work painting every last detail.  Continue reading “#TBT – Painted Coolers”

Side Table Makeover

Side Table Makeover

When I moved into my first apartment, I was SO, so excited that I would be able to furnish and decorate it, however I wanted, from scratch. Obviously I had in my mind my vision of what the perfect space would look like: clean and simple furnishings filling a bright, airy interior with pops of color to bring it all together. Making this vision a reality proved not to be a simple feat, as beautiful, high-quality furniture is expensive and I didn’t want to live in a space without necessities like a dresser or couch as I perused both the internet and brick and mortar stores looking for the perfect pieces. So what’s a girl with a limited budget and a knack for DIY projects to do? Well, this girl found some pieces at places like discount furniture stores and Goodwill, and did some DIY’ing (this Ikea dresser hack, for example).

Cheap furniture is ideal for DIY experimentation because I feel less nervous about potentially “messing up” than if I were making modifications to a high-end piece. So, without further adiou, here’s how I dressed up a side table–which I found at a discount furniture store in Santa Monica–in 2 steps.

*side table-before
BEFORE. Not bad at all, I just wanted something a little different.

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